Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Ubuntu Linux Challenge

So I am a complete Linux n00b and, I have heard through the grape vines that Ubuntu Linux is the easiest to use, now I have been using Windows all my life, and I wonder if I can see this through.

My Challenge is simple, Can I use Linux for 1 week, starting today, as my MAIN Operating system - knowing myself I won't be able to, but hey why the hell not.

Btw, don't think I have forgotten to comment on your blogs, as soon as I get myself up and running I'll comment and post on my blog again..

Got any tips? Or can you take this challenge, comment below

Xzib1t over and out.


  1. I don't think i could do it. i'm so used to windows...

  2. I've been wanting to give it a try myself as well, the only thing is that you can't play games on Linux - at least that's what i've heard.


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