Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mythbusters Round Up.

So recently season 9 of Mythbusters was aired over in the US and various other places.

Here are the outcomes of the last few episodes, in season 8.

Age of Empires Online, Yay or Nay

The Age of Empires series is a history based real-time strategy game. The player is able to complete the campaign or compete against the games AI which can be set to various difficulties, however in Age of Empires online, there is a plot twist, the campaign consists of various quests.  Which can be completed in Coop mode or single player and if you feel the urge to play against another player it is possible to PvP.

Friday, April 29, 2011

How to fix any computer!

I found this floating around in Cyberspace, It is quite funny:
Source: The Oatmeal

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reporting a Hacker (or Hackers) in Call of Duty Black Ops

Oh those hackers. They tend to be quite annoying as they cannot make a full sentence or even spell properly, in fact they they think anyone can decipher abbreviations like fag, man, mag (I could not think of any more because this is not what I am writing about) and so fourth. In short, the are the final straw that make sad pandas cry.

Take a stand against those with absolutely no life and report them. Here is HOW!

Not to long ago...

Not to long ago I bought a game called Call of Duty Black Ops, yes that one which is the 7th release in the Call of Duty series.
Game Cover, taken from my phone 2 MP Camera :(

It cost me Four Hundred and Ninety-nine Rand (the money we use in South Africa). This was on the day after it was released. By then it was not even a smooth experience, after installing it I had to patch the game and after that the experience wasn't even smooth, this may be accredited to the fact that I was running a 9600 GSO, which was far below standard.

However when Treyarch got their act together I was quite surprised at the end result.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to turn of Skype Notifications in Windows!

So you are playing a game like DotA while simultaneously being logged on to Skype, with your spells in the corner, then ZOMG A Skype notification appears and you can't click your spell, but you try anyway and when you do it minimizes the game and you end up dying and then your team-mates rage at you.

Believe it or not most people don't know how to turn this off, I will now reveal how to deactivate the Skype message notification!

Hotmail vs Gmail

Possibly the most difficult question, in the world, that is if you use e-mail on a regular basis.

Now if you asked me on any given day which one to use, I would say Gmail (, as far as I would know Gmail beat Hotmail hands down.
But now Microsoft has slowly implemented changes to the Hotmail UI and introduced new features.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To go Wireless or Not?

So at home I am connected via a LAN cable to the router, which is quite far from my room I am looking at some wireless options such as a USB Dongle for my PC, I don't copy any large files over the LAN, so the speed difference won't be an issue.

I am presented with the following two options:

    Just FYI, our ADSL Router is a Netgear DG834GUv5, which only supports wireless in b and g modes, so the n mode would basically be future proofing.

    Which would be the best option.

    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    Battlefield 3 Full Length Trailer

    So recently EA has released a full length Battlefield 3 trailer comprising of the the videos that were released over the months and some never seen before footage:

    I certainly would recommend watching this in 720p and using the full screen function!

    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    A Dell Ploy, Beware

    Earlier on I was browsing the DELL website looking at Laptops with Second Generation Intel Processors.
    When I came across this:
     In what Universe is 256 GB more than 750 GB!?

    However it is a solid state drive which means the performance is increased. Not the Storage SPACE, beware people!

    How EPIC

    How EPIC is it that I can post directly from my PC using my e-mail client,

    Although I should note the reduced functionality,
    This also serves as a test to see if it works.

    Over and out Xzib1t
    EDIT: and guess what it did work!
    As you can see the message I sent travelled 1 minute back in time :P

    How to set up a Minecraft Server

    So you, want to know how to setup a Minecraft server eh?
    Well then, you have come to the right place.
    To give yourself an idea of how many people can play on your Minecraft server, go here:

    1. Prerequisites
    2. Set up procedure:
    3. Addendum
    4. Credits 
    5. Conclusion 

    Sunday, April 17, 2011

    Minecraft: Review

    ---- BETA ARTICLE----

    By now you may have heard of the internet sensation Minecraft.

    Minecraft is a Java based indie game which is developed by Mojang AB. The Minecraft universe is created out of textured cubes, in the image below you can see 2 types of the above mentioned textured cubes, Soil (with grass in it) and sand.
    Soil (with Grass) and sand

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review

    Hello, so I thought for my first post on my new blog I would review Battlefield Bad Company 2.
    Bad Company 2 was developed by a Swedish based video game developer Dice (Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment), so far they have developed over 11 Battlefield Series games, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Battlefield Heroes to name a few.