Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not to long ago...

Not to long ago I bought a game called Call of Duty Black Ops, yes that one which is the 7th release in the Call of Duty series.
Game Cover, taken from my phone 2 MP Camera :(

It cost me Four Hundred and Ninety-nine Rand (the money we use in South Africa). This was on the day after it was released. By then it was not even a smooth experience, after installing it I had to patch the game and after that the experience wasn't even smooth, this may be accredited to the fact that I was running a 9600 GSO, which was far below standard.

However when Treyarch got their act together I was quite surprised at the end result.

The single player experience was immersive taking you through various theatres of conflict, like Vietnam, to Cuba. In keeping with the Call of Duty series the storyline was complicated and featured numerous plot twists, all good I should add, cause it kept me playing. The performance now is good on my PC (specs here)

Overall the Single player was well worth buying, even if you only play it once, a lot of time and effort went it to it.

Multi player on the other hand was somewhat of a let down, there was lag, players were hacking (How to report hackers here) don't get me wrong though, you can customise your player card to literally anything you can think of, they have given us the tools. The prestige mode returns allowing you to rise through the ranks again, cause why stop at 50 like Call of Duty 4. The BIGGEST thing for me was that Dedicated servers have returned and there was no more of this P2P nonsense as in Modern Warfare 2.

Multi player should keep you entertained at least until Modern Warfare 3* arrives, then we have to hunt down that bastard Makarov.

Lets not forget to mention that the Zombies mode has been reintroduced, and 4 maps are initially available on the PC platform, along with more weapons and more complex ways to kill the Zombies.

Personally I think that my money was well spent on Black Ops. You may want to find out if you can run COD: BO here select Call Of Duty Black Ops from the Drop down list or search for it.

*or Battlefield 3

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