Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reporting a Hacker (or Hackers) in Call of Duty Black Ops

Oh those hackers. They tend to be quite annoying as they cannot make a full sentence or even spell properly, in fact they they think anyone can decipher abbreviations like fag, man, mag (I could not think of any more because this is not what I am writing about) and so fourth. In short, the are the final straw that make sad pandas cry.

Take a stand against those with absolutely no life and report them. Here is HOW!

Just follow these simple steps!

In the main menu select FRIENDS, like so:
Then, cause none of your actual friends probably aren't hacking you may want to select the RECENT PLAYERS tab.
Click on the bastards name, scroll down if you have to, with the scroll bar on the side. Then select REPORT PLAYER.
Another screen will appear where you then have to select the infraction. CHEATING is the one which hacking would fall under.
After a certain amount of reports a Treyarch Admin will watch this player, in a few games and if they are hacking its bye bye Kansas. be sure to tell others to report the hacker as well so his judgement day will be sooner!


Oh by the way don't try and SPAM it, cause a player is better than you, I am pretty sure they can tell if you do that.


  1. Well said, I dont see the point in playing with hacks.
    You should see how messed up he MW2 lobbys are too.
    Great post, followed!

  2. Absolutely hate the hackers... Hope reading more like this, followed :D


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