Sunday, April 17, 2011

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review

Hello, so I thought for my first post on my new blog I would review Battlefield Bad Company 2.
Bad Company 2 was developed by a Swedish based video game developer Dice (Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment), so far they have developed over 11 Battlefield Series games, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Battlefield Heroes to name a few.

Unlike previous Battlefield Games Battlefield Bad Company 2 has a campaign, with exception of Battlefield Bad Company, which was on only available on the console platform. In the campaign the player reprises their role as Preston Marlowe, the game manual states that Preston was raised on two generations of war stories and Private Marlowe joined Bad Company to get some combat (experience) under his belt. The campaign takes us through the jungles of Bolivia to the deserts in Argentina and the Andes mountains.

Single player experience

If you are not one who really enjoys single player games well then you have bought the right game! The core of the battlefield series is centred on online gaming. 

Playing Bad Company 2 was a brand new experience for me, as every time I went in a building I knew that I could potentially die,  Destruction 2.0 was for me simply ground breaking camping in a building wasn’t so easy anymore, pair this with the awesome squad based system it makes for an unforgettable experience online.  The is an expansion pack available as well Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam, which can be purchased via the EA Store or steam if you have the Steam Edition of Bad Company

As with previous battlefield games there is persistent stats tracking, the servers at ea track your kills, deaths, etc. Your Stats can be viewed in game or online via or the Bad Company 2 Website
In Game Stats

To conclude if you enjoy playing FPS games online then you’ll love Bad Company 2.

PS: This is the first review that I have written so please bear with me.

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