Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to set up a Minecraft Server

So you, want to know how to setup a Minecraft server eh?
Well then, you have come to the right place.
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1. Prerequisites
2. Set up procedure:
3. Addendum
4. Credits 
5. Conclusion 

Set up procedure:
Well setting up the server after the prerequisites have been completed is remarkably simple,
1. Simply double click Minecraft_Server, a screen like this should appear: (remember to allow Java through your computers firewall)
The Minecraft server GUI Interface
2. Get your IP @ http://www.whatismyip.com/ This is the IP that others will use to connect to you.
This is your IP (it will be without the censored part)

3. Connect to your server, using the standard hostname given to the address of the loopback network  interface ( Clients, not on your home network will have to use the IP shown @ http://www.whatismyip.com to connect to you.
This is the multiplayer screen in Minecraft, it allows you to connect to a server, remember is for the host only

4. Click Connect

* Setting up Hamachi (server)
Hamachi is a zero-configuration virtual private network (VPN) shareware application that is capable of establishing direct links between computers that are behind NAT firewalls without requiring reconfiguration (in most cases); in other words, it establishes a connection over the Internet that emulates the connection that would exist if the computers were connected over a local area network. Source: Hamachi (Software) - Wikipedia
Setting up Hamachi is quite simple as well,
1. Install Hamachi,
2. Register your client
3. Create a new network,
4. Configure the network: type the name (network id) and password in.
5. Hamachi will assign you an IP Address. 
The numbers above, is an example of the IP Hamachi would assign

6. Give the assigned IP Address to any clients that wish to join the server.
Note: Any clients that will play on your Minecraft server will need to have Hamachi installed as well.
* Setting up Hamachi (Client)
1. Follow steps one and two above,
2. Select join a network, the network ID and password, should be communicated by the server administrator.  
3. Connect to the server using the host's IP Address.
Enter the IP as you would do normally.
 4. Click Connect
* Minecraft Server Commands:
The server commands are quite simple, to view the commands simply type help or ? into the server GUI
The LOG and Chat Window will display the commands and info.
* Minecraft Server Properties:
Now the server properties can be set as well, by right clicking server.properties and selecting OPEN WITH, and then selecting Notepad.
The Open with window. Make sure that "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is deselected
 An example properties file:
 Futher information can be found here: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Minecraft_Wiki
 Lets give credit where credit is due, 
  • A guy under the handle of Ziggoi, who got me started.
  • Logmein, the people who created Hamachi
Go now and play my dear reader!
The PDF of this guide:  HERE

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