Sunday, April 17, 2011

Minecraft: Review


By now you may have heard of the internet sensation Minecraft.

Minecraft is a Java based indie game which is developed by Mojang AB. The Minecraft universe is created out of textured cubes, in the image below you can see 2 types of the above mentioned textured cubes, Soil (with grass in it) and sand.
Soil (with Grass) and sand

Players use the different textured cubes to construct literally anything that comes to mind. In the image below you are able to see a (uncompleted) stone castle.
The wall of a castle in Minecraft
In the beginning Minecraft was creativity based only which means you got the blocks and you could build, since the BETA, more textures have been added and the player now has a health bar to worry about, as hostile mobs spawn at night in unlit areas. So it would be wise for the player to construct a shelter first, before collecting surplus materials.

The terrain in Minecraft is randomly generates as the player explores the landscape. To avoid scenarios where the landscape is perplexingly big the game splits it up and to chunks and loads them as need they are needed, Minecraft is not only a single player game however it has a multiplayer aspect as well, where players can work with each other or against each other in survival mode.

To connect to a server, you enter its IP

In conclusion, you must remember that Minecraft is still in BETA, it is not complete the multiplayer aspect of Minecraft is also not complete, if you experience any problems, it will probably be ironed out in the future. If you have a netbook, or and underperforming PC or you just plain and simple like the game, buy it! 
You can purchase the game here:

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