Thursday, May 26, 2011

200 Megapixel Camera

Hasselblad’s latest medium format camera is now available, the Hasselblad H4D-200MS, which will set you back a massive 32,000 Euros which works out at around $45,000. (or in South Africa - a million gazillion trillionty Rand)
The Hasselblad H4D-200MS is capable of snapping 200 megapixel shots, although it features a 509 megapixel sensor, it uses multi shot technology to combines six shots into one.

 Owners of the previous model, the HD-50MS can send their camera back to Hasselblad and have it upgraded to the 200MS for 7000 Euros which works out at about $9,800.

The Ferrari edition of the H4D-200MS

The camera's sensor measures 36.7x49.1mm and takes shots with 6132x8176 pixels. When the six shots are combined, each with 16 bits of color depth per pixel, a single raw photo is about 600MB. No doubt that file size is why Hasselblad lets photographers attach a hard drive, though CompactFlash cards are supported.
The camera can shoot at ISO sensitivity settings between 50 and 800. Another feature you won't see in your average point-and-shoot is True Focus, a technology to get around the problems of focusing an image on a particular point then moving the camera to recompose the shot. The initial focus point--a model's eye, for example--is at the center of the frame when focusing. But moving the camera--to show the model's entire body, for example--can make that eye go out of focus. To deal with this geometrical difficulty, sensors in the the H4D cameras measure the change and adjust the autofocus setting in real time.
An image of a Rolex taken with the H4D-200MS in its highest-resolution configuration.
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  1. OMFG. 200MB is insane! This pass the human eye(in pixels).

  2. Jesus christ, why would you need that many MP, I'm sticking with 10 - 15

  3. damn man, thats pretty good for a handheld

  4. That looks like a beast camera!

  5. Now we can say with proud: WE CAN SEE FOREVER! :D

  6. wow, what sort of things would that sort of detail be required for these days?

  7. holy sht what a badass camera! i'd probably buy i Leica if had that much money to spend on camera though D:


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