Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Revel Trailer

Finally, finally, Activision has released something about Modern Warfare 3.

Althought there is not much for me to say that we don't already know, but if you don't. I hear there is this wonderful tool on the internet called Google - can you handle it?

These days posts are far and few in-between, but from today, I will turn it around with at least 1 post a day!

The above video is the first gameplay video released by Activision. It was uploaded to Youtube just yesterday.

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  1. Yeah another one, I think it COD 8 by now or something.

  2. It kinda looks awesome! But bad company 2 is still my favorite FPS! :D

  3. i saw this on TV the other night. cant wait!!!! world war 3 seems like a very good setting for this

  4. Looks awesome *o* Any game that I have to shoot something is good, but Call of Duty is one of my favorites :D

  5. another game to add to my list of games my pc wont be able to run :/

  6. This trailer is sick, cant wait for this! ;D


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