Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crysis 2, yes Crysis 2 is here!

Ok well it's been around for quite (think: month or more) some time now and I have started playing it. Crysis 2 was developed by Crytek and published by Electronic Arts and is the second main instalment of the Crysis series. The player assumes the role of a Force Recon Marine called Alcatraz, Crysis 2 moves away from the jungle environment and moves towards the "urban jungle" of New York, this kind of atmosphere forces the player to rethink their tactics when playing though Crysis 2.

General view, Crysis 2

Player on low health

Player when cloaked
Crysis 2 is powered by Crytek's brand new CryEngine 3, which boast some of the best features ever created. What would Crysis be if it didn't have 150% visual bliss, Crysis 2 graphics are outstanding, with my rig going on at an average FPS of 50. In terms of graphics Crysis 2 is the pack leader, Crytek, the creators of the Crysis series pride themselves on making games which are exceptionally easy on the eye.

Gameplay in Crysis 2 is on a different scale as well, with the amount of tactics you have when engaging in combat, do you sneak through undetected by cloaking yourself, do you attack from the front and hope for the best, or do you flank the enemy and catch them off guard? these are just some of the options the player has, which the Nanosuit 2.0 gives the player, of course what would an FPS be without the ability to upgrade your weapons these days, Crysis 2 now also allows players to customize their weapons and certain aspects of their Nanosuits.
You should take every chance to play a game like Crysis in 3D, go get your glasses

Crysis 2 Multiplayer comes with classes as well, what are you favouring?

Multiplayer in Crysis 2 is action packed, the player can select their class and shoot away, with all the features of Singleplayer available in multiplayer there is bound to be some trickery, and screams of pure rage as players kill each other.
Aside from the bugs which Crysis was plagued with at launch (be sure that they are ironed out as each patch is released) and somewhat weak AI at times I think, you should stop reading this right now and go buy it - here or here

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  1. Tried out Crysis 2 today and man they actually managed to get it working even tho its quite a lame story :p

  2. Ya know, I never played Crysis 1, but when the main char is called Alcatraz.. I dunno.

  3. I have Crysis 1, havnt finished it yet, updates on how good 2 is?

  4. well 1 more game to add in my list of games i wont be able to try till i finish my tesis :/

  5. yet to check this out. graphics look awesome though

  6. Damn the graphics are just breathtaking, looks amazing!

  7. Pretty awesome, amazing graphics, good gameplay, and love the aliens, killing them was really fun xD


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