Monday, May 30, 2011

Creating a Custom Resolution

Did you know that you can customize your resolution? It is handy if your resolution is not displayed straight away after plugging the monitor in.

Because I can’t use ATI/AMD drivers this applies to NVIDIA users only.
 1. Open the Nvidia control panel.
Right Click on the desktop, and select NVIDIA Control Panel
2. Select Display>Change resolution from the sidebar.

3. Click Customize
The Customize button is located below the supported resolutions, window.
4. Click create custom resolution
6. This one is very important – read the terms and conditions set by NVIDIA, if you do something wrong you cannot fault Nvidia or this blog (Edge Connect) – By continuing you agree to the terms and conditions.
 7. After clicking accept, the following screen will appear, this is where you are able to create the custom resolution. Please be sure to refer to your monitor’s native resolution before attempting to set the resolution.
Enter the information, the amount of Horizontal pixels and the amount of vertical pixels - this resolution is 1920x1080
8. Nonetheless select yes, and your new resolution is set.
The Confirmation Window.
Yes it is that simple, I hope that this post has helped some of you.
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    1. I never really thought about playing around with my monitors resolution. Another thing to explore. :D

    2. Oh cool i didn't knew about it, thanks a lot! :D

    3. This is awesome! was wondering how to do this ;D

    4. should be useful, didnt think it could be done

    5. Neat-o. But Like Jesse Crows, I'm afraid of damaging something by doing this.


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